Van DoNguyen

Van DoNguyen

Financial Manager

Office: 1120E Rolfe Hall


Phone: (310) 825-0050


As the Senior Administrative Analyst (working title: Financial Manager), Van is responsible for fiscal, personnel and payroll management.  Van manages all accounts and funds and prepares the annual budget for submission to the Division of Social Sciences.  Van handles payroll, and human resources.  Van serves as the liaison between the AIS and the Division of Social Sciences on financial matters including moving funds to AIS for administration and budgeting.  Van handles payroll and fund management for co-sponsorships and events, and Stephen handles processing, reimbursements, and logistical details.  Please copy both Van and Stephen on requests.  Van answers questions pertaining to finances, personnel, payroll and UC policies and procedures.  Van also serves as Financial Manager for the Department of Gender Studies.