Graduate Certificate

Graduate Concentration in American Indian Studies

The UCLA Interdepartmental Program of American Indian Studies offers a Concentration Certificate in American Indian Studies to allow graduate students enrolled in UCLA departments, programs and professional schools to acquire expertise and a credential in American Indian Studies. The requirements for the American Indian Studies Concentration are in addition to requirements in the primary department or school, and should be completed before advancing to candidacy. Upon completion of the requirements, a Certificate is issued by the Department of American Indian Studies.


Coursework is composed of four courses (16 units) as follows:

  • A minimum of two AIS core courses (8 units) selected from American Indian Studies 201-208 series
  • Two additional courses (8 units), either from the AIS core course list above, or non-American Indian Studies electives, subject to departmental approval.


Open to all students (Master’s and PhD) at UCLA

For Certificate Completion

  • Grade of B+ or higher must be received in all courses taken for the concentration
  • Electives must be approved to count for the concentration and should not deter from student’s program coursework.  Please submit a copy of the course syllabus to the Academic Coordinator to request approval.
  • Please submit an unofficial transcript for review by the Academic Coordinator, upon completion of coursework
  • Attendance and brief responses to at least one affiliated lecture held at UCLA or in the larger Los Angeles County Community.
  • Students will be expected to complete an essay on the interdisciplinary breadth of American Indian Studies in regard to their own research.