Alumni: American Indian Studies Graduates- Call For Submissions

We would like to invite all alumni to submit a paragraph, photos or other information you would like to share with those who visit our site. Personal statements or quotes are welcome. Please note that all submissions are subject to editing. We are not asking for UCLA or AIS appraisals or recruitment statements – just information about yourself!

Names, tribal affiliations, and graduation year will be listed, unless otherwise specified. Confidentiality and sharing will be at your discretion. Minimally we ask that you include your name, degree(s), and tribal affiliation. Additional information may include: field of study, current educational institution, employment, future goals, curriculum vitae or other community involvement listings, or a link to your email/website address.

Please send your updated information to:

Here’s a Partial Listing of Our Graduates (Alpha order by Decade):

Eric Morrison, Tlingit

One of the first 25 to begin the American Indian Studies Program, he was a student from 1969 to 1972. He went on to receive a B.S. in Political Science from the University of Washington in 1975 and a J.D. from the University of New Mexico in 1978.

Currently works as an environmental planner for the Douglas Indian Association in Anchorage, Alaska.


Margaret L. Archuleta, M.A. 1987
Pueblo and Apache

Thesis Title: A Myth in the Making: American Indian Cultural Persistence as Exemplified by the Artwork of Harry Fonseca

Was the Curator of Contemporary American Indian Art with the Heard Museum in Phoenix, AZ. Finishing a PhD in Art History from the University of New Mexico


Lorenzo Baca, M.A. 1986
Isleta Pueblo/Mescalero Apache

Thesis title: Songs, Dance and Traditions of the Tuolumne Band of California Indians

Artist and Activist.


Barbara Bullock, M.A. 1986
Comprehensive Exam


Melinda (Castel De Oro) Martinez, M.A. 1986

Thesis Title: Native American Captivity Narratives: A Definition and Analysis

She earned a BA in English from UCLA in 1983 and is now a grant writer and fund raising consultant and is a certified Matrix Reimprinting Practitioners in Southern California as well as a clinical hypnotherapist.


Zoila Cruz, M.A. 1985
Thesis title: Subject Trends in American Indian Novels, 1899 – 1980: Their Relation to Dominant American Social Trends and Majors Changes in Federal Indian Policy


Allison Davis-White Eyes, M.A. 1988
Northern Cheyenne 

Comprehensive Exam

She currently serves as the Director of American Indian Initiatives at Oregon State University and is an adjunct professor and is a PhD candidate at OSU in Adult Higher Education.

Lee Ann (Herold) Storey, M.A. 1984

Thesis title: State Jurisdiction over Indian Water Rights: A Case Study

Lee earned a B.A. degree in English from UCLA in 1982 and a J.D. from the UC Berkeley Boalt Law School in 1987.  She is a partner with Ballard Spahr, LLP in Maricopa County and leads the water law practice and has significant experience in energy and natural resource matters involving Indian law.


Troy Johnson, M.A. 1988
Ph.D., History, 1993

Thesis title: Status of Adoption and Foster Home Placement of Indian Children Under the Indian Child Welfare Act

Dissertation title: The Indian Occupation of Alcatraz Island, Indian Self-Determination and The Rise of Indian Activism
Dr. Troy Johnson was a Professor Emeritus at California State University, Long Beach. During his tenure at CSULB, Dr. Johnson was the Director of the American Indian Studies Program (1994 -2013), Chair of Anthropology (2006-2007) and a Professor of History. Dr. Johnson passed away in March of 2013.


Norma A. Joseph, M.A. 1985
Thesis TitleSuattle Tribe of Indians VS. The United States, 1952: A Case Study Involving Tribal Lands Claims, Tribal Identity, and Tribal Persistence

Elected Sauk-Suiattle Tribal Chairman in 2012 (three year term)


George A. Patterson, M.A. 1989

Thesis title: The Causes of the Black Hawk-Keokuk Factions within the Sauk Tribe and Their Effects on Sauk and Fox History


James Riding In, M.A. 1985, 

Ph.D., History 1991

Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma

Thesis title: Pawnee Removal: A study of Pawnee-White Relations in Nebraska

Dissertation titleKeepers of Tirawahut’s Covenant: The Development and Destruction of Pawnee Culture

Associate professor of American Indian Studies at Arizona State University and editor of the journal Wicazo Sa ReviewA journal of Native American Studies.


*Michelle Skvarla, M.A. 1989
Malibu, CA  Realtor


David Smith, M.A. 1986

Thesis title: The Events Leading Up to the Permanent Split Within the Winnebago Tribe, 1800 – 1816

Director of Indian Studies at Little Priest Tribal College and the President of the Winnebago Historical Society as well as Winnebago Tribal Historian for the Winnebago Tribal Council in Nebraska.