M.A. Requirements

Requirements for the Masters of Arts

  • A minimum of ten courses is required, at least seven of which must be at the graduate level. Three core courses:
    American Indian Studies M200A, M200B, M200C, and one of the linguistics requirement options and, one of the remaining six courses must be a graduate course concerned with research methodology.
  • Students can petition for combinations of interdisciplinary work to the chair of the program. In addition to the above mentioned required courses, students must complete a minimum of four courses in their chosen area of concentration. Three of these must be graduate level courses. Two additional courses are to be chosen from other areas of concentration. Courses must be selected from an approved list maintained by the program.
  • Two courses in the 500 series may be applied toward the course requirement. However, only one 596 course may be counted toward the minimum graduate course requirement. The 500 series courses are individualized, independent study courses which permit students to pursue topics that are not available in conventional lecture courses or seminars. They may be used to make guided progress in writing the thesis or preparing for the comprehensive examination.
  • Students in the Master of Arts program must successfully complete one of the following linguistics requirements: (a) Linguistics 114, (b) American Indian Studies M162, (c) Anthropology C155 or C255, (d) for native speakers of an American Indian language, an independent study course approved by the instructor in either Linguistics or Anthropology in which a structural knowledge of the student’s language is learned. The courses are designed to show how American Indian languages and communicative norms are primary vehicles for the transmission and understanding of American Indian cultures.
  • 300 and 400 series courses do not apply to the ten course minimum for this degree program.

Thesis or Comprehensive Examination

Students may select either a thesis plan or a comprehensive examination plan to complete the program. The committee members supervising the thesis or administering the comprehensive examination are selected by the student with the consent of the program committee after submitting a formal thesis proposal early in the fourth quarter of residence. Copies of the thesis must be submitted to each member of the committee by the fifth week of the quarter of expected graduation. Students choosing the comprehensive examination plan must demonstrate competency in the major and minor areas of study in a written and/or oral examination.