Paul Kroskrity

Paul Kroskrity

Core Faculty


Anthropology | Native American Languages (esp. Pueblo SW and California); Native American and other Indigenous Language Ideologies; Indigenous Language Documentation and Revitalization; Native American Storytelling

Office: 329A Haines



My research focuses on both key sites of language usage as well as on everyday practices of communication in Native American societies.  The key sites I work with include the performance and reception of verbal art, the production of political and religious discourse, and the contexts of language endangerment and linguistic revitalization. The languages I have worked with are indigenous languages of the Western Pueblo region as well as those of Central California.  Though my research emphasizes Native American languages and cultures, I advise students working on language ideologies, verbal art, and language revitalization who research these topics elsewhere in North America, the Americas, and more globally.


B.A.: Comparative Literature, Comparative Religion, Oriental Studies Columbia College, Columbia University, M.A.: Anthropology, Indiana University, Ph.D.: Anthropology, Indiana University